About Iasi

A few words about Iasi...

In order to discover Iasi, you have to go through a giant gate that opens the path towards our history.
At Iasi "each stone speaks of the past", by virtue of a large number of monasteries, museums , and memorial houses. Therefore, we consider Iasi a genuine national museum, thanks to the historical and art treasures.

"There are a number of Romanians who have never been to Iasi, however, this should not be case, because one who has never been here, could not understand the most beautiful chronicles, you cannot go beyond the spirit of our past, that lives in a highly animated and rich place [...]. In his national consciences it will be a great loss if he wouldn’t see the city which was and still is, proudly, the capital of Moldovia…"

Nicolae Iorga

A large number of important events from our history took place in Iasi, the capital of Moldavia, for three centuries (1564-1862).
On these grounds, have walked Alexandru cel Bun, Ștefan cel Mare, Mihai Viteazul, Alexandru Lapușneanu, Vasile Lupu and many brilliant rulers of Moldavia.
Although, Iasi have been through numerous difficult moments, the city managed to recover, becoming a great modern city.
Iasi is also the city of big ideas, such as the Great Unification, the oldest Romanian university, the first theatre performance in the Romanian language, the first literature museum (The Hut in Ticau).
Here you can also find “Trei Ierarhi” church, that stands to prove the aesthetic tasted of some of our rulers, Metropolitan Cathedral, Dosoftei House, Palatul Culturii, Pogor House with "the “Table of Shadows”", the Copou alleys covered in the perfume of linden trees and echoes of Eminescu’s verses (Eminescu’s Linden tree and the "Mihai Eminescu"), memorial houses "Mihail Sadoveanu", "George Topârceanu", "Mihail Codreanu", "Otilia Cazimir", along with the "Mihai Eminescu", University Library.


A large number of personalities lived in Iasi, such as Varlaam , House, Grigore Ureche, Miron Costin, Nicolae Milescu Spatarul, Ion Neculce, renowned scholar Dimitrie Cantemir. Throughout its history, Iasi offered us well-known names like Gh. Asachi, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Al. Ioan Cuza, Vasile Alecsandri, Alecu Russo, A. D. Xenopol, Vasile Conta, Titu Maiorescu, Mihai Eminescu, Ion Creanga, G. Ibraileanu, M. Sadoveanu, N. Iorga, M. Ralea, dr. C. I. Parhon, Horia Hulubei, Gr. Cobalcescu, Petru Poni, Radu Cernatescu, Otilia Cazimir, I. Teodoreanu, Costache Negruzzi, Al. Philippide, Emil Racovita.
On top of that, one of the Romanians who won the Noble Prize, George Emil Palade, was also born in Iasi.

Tourist Attractions

Palatul Culturii

Bukovin and Moldavia Metropolitan Cathedral

National Theatre

Roznovanu Palace

Golia Monastery

Central University Library

Al. I. Cuza University

Copou Park

Trei ierarhi Monastery

Dosoftei House

Saint Nicolae Domnesc church

Bărboi Church

Botanical Garden

Cetățuia Monastery

Ion Creangă Hut

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